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The essays are the recognized pieces of writing that include the personal viewpoint of the writer on the subject. The facts included in the essays must be critically argued and analyzed to write a conclusion that opens the door for the readers to investigate the related subjects of the essay. The writer of the essay should be familiar with the various styles of essay writing and the types of the essay to do justice to every subject. The basic structure that the essay comprises of is the traditional structure, i.e. introduction, three body paragraphs, and the conclusion. It is very simple to write a content that is copied because the citations are missing in the essays, therefore, the literary sources utilized to acquire information on the subject should be appropriately referenced either in the between the texts or in the endnotes or footnotes. The organization essays are the essay which is right for the writers who have a lot of data and needs to classify them into separate categories. The connection between the paragraphs and from one point to another must be there to keep both the writing and the reading on the right course. The due date for the submission of the essay is either of two to three weeks or a full week. The pupils who are not good in identifying the relevant sources that can produce legit data face the major challenges in essay drafting. They neither stay in-sync with the changes in the structure of the essay nor do they extend their data on the types of essay existing for writing. This damages the quality of the essay as they do not expand themselves to the changing environment of educational writing. The pupils now are more inclined towards reading the data available via the internet and write them in their content without confirming its source. They ignore the fact that everything accessible is not always true.
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