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It is known that essays are the shortest form of giving an abrupt explanation on any given topic in a simple yet in an informative manner focusing on all of the necessary details. In schools and colleges proper testing of the students’ information is done through the medium of writing essays. Thus assignments are assigned to them simply to test their level of knowledge on any particular topic. Essays can be of various types such as expository essays, persuasive essays, descriptive essays and narrative essays. Expository essays consist mainly of information that is authentic. In the persuasive kinds of essays the writers are always meant for expressing their views focusing mainly on the subject of the given essay. The essays that focus on giving the total description on the topic are the descriptive essays. In narrative essays form of narration is used and thus it requires the use of first person throughout the essay. For gaining more idea on the different kind of essays the students are advised to take the detailed information from their respective faculties for ensuring that in the styling format no mistake is there. The view and idea of the person doing the writing is the most important feature for any variety of essays. In any case penning down an essay might always seem to be a simple task but the case really varies whenever the students are asked to write an essay. It is when they are going to realize actually how tough the task is. The worst problem the students face is that when they fail collecting all the required data concerned with the topic as they get very few details on the topic. Whatever the case may be students fail to write the essay in the proper manner which as a result tends to lower all their scores on the given assignments.
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